When Tarte’s  Tartelette Amazonian Clay all matte eye shadow palette appeared in stores during the Christmas holiday season,  being a loyal fan of the brand for years,   I grabbed one quickly at my local Sephora before they sold out.  I’ve never worn Tarte’s eye shadows but was intrigued by the palette’s purple and mauve tones which just happen to be my favorite colors in makeup.  I’m approaching age 50, so I can appreciate a makeup brand creating a palette for the older woman who gave up shimmers and glitters years ago.   Nowadays, I avoid shimmer above my newfound crepey crease area, so this palette is a must have for me.  Despite the creative concept,  using the palette was a disappointment at first .  When I applied the shadows,  I realized the shades all looked the same.  However, this is the only flaw I can think of with this palette.  With that said,  the shades are suitable for all skin tones.

The palette features 12 exclusive, matte eye shadows.   Each shadow is easy to blend due to the smooth and buttery texture, making it difficult to make a mistake when creating looks.  Even though each shade is neutral, it’s highly pigmented.  They feel like silk going on with very little fallout. The shadows are long wearing as they are infused with Tarte’s signature Amazonian clay.   The shadows have vitamin E and mineral pigments to naturally soothe and smooth the skin. This is an excellent everyday eye shadow palette.  Creating looks with other eye shadows is doable making the lack of color variety a non-issue.  The shadows are mineral oil and gluten free.  Each eye shadow is dermatologist tested and has talc. (of course)

The packaging design of the palette is beautiful.  It features a gradient purple and high polished gold- simply stunning! It’s easy to clean. The shadow pots are noticeably large- 0.053 oz. of product for each shade.  The names of each eye shadow shade is solidly printed on the palette.  It’s not rubbing off.  The design alone made me want to buy this palette.  It’s showy, and I love it.


There are 3 horizontal rows of shades.  The first row features nude/brown colors- Free Spirit (cream), Force of Nature (nude), Dreamer (warm brown), Multi tasker (chocolate).  The 2nd row features pink/rose colors- Caregiver (pale pink), Natural Beauty (mauve), Best Friend (mulberry), Bombshell (dark plum).  The 3rd row (basically row 1 part 2)  features brown/black – Super Mom (ivory), Wanderer (light brown), Power Player (taupe), Fashionista (black).

Each rows offers lid and crease colors as the colors deepen across each row from left to right.   I find myself using row 2 the most.  Like I said,  the purple/mauve shades are my favorite.

If you prefer a matte, earthy neutral eye look with just a pop of color… this palette is made for you.  (and me).

I’m a fan of Tarte’s eye shadows now.  I can hardly wait for their next eye shadow palette release.

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