I admit, I’ve become a skeptic buyer when it comes to beauty products.  Over the years,  I’ve tried many products that have either irritated my skin or were completely ineffective.  One of my longtime skincare concerns is diminishing acne scars and dark spots on my face following breakouts.  I usually apply a spot treatment for the one or two pimples that appear from time to time but afterward, I always get a dark spot or discoloration that takes months to fade.
Recently, I turned to estheticians who perform microdermabrasion on my face once or twice a month.  At $135 per session, I was able to maintain clear skin for a while but soon my skin took a back seat to my other pressing bills and obligations.  True to form,   I was skeptical at first when I saw the Ole Henriksen Power Peel kit at Sephora.  I tried a few other home treatments that were marketed to be as effective as a professional treatment but turned out to be a major disappointment to me and my dark spots.  But because I had success with a few other products by Ole Henriksen, namely the Invigorating Night Gel and Sheer Transformation, I decided to give this home spa kit a chance.   I was pleasantly surprised at the results from this easy and gentle home treatment.
So what’s so great about the Ole Henriksen’s Power Peel kit.   First of all, it comes in a 3-step process,  and there are six treatments in each box.  Step 1 is the almond polish that exfoliates the skin with small granules that don’t irritate the skin while doing a perfect job of removing dead skin cells.  Step 2 is the lemon strip flash peel that contains lactic acid,  glycolic acid, and fruit acids.  This peel did not burn my skin and made my skin glow in the days following the treatment.  Step 3 is chamomile comfort, a calming mask containing chamomile, rose hip oil, and jojoba oil applied over the lemon strip peel, similar to a neutralizer after a spa acid peel.
The Ole Henriksen Power Peel left my skin soft and smooth.  I noticed the top layer from one of my new acne scars lifting and peeling away.  I will do this peel again.  I consider it a mild and easy to do home treatment that gives results of a more expensive treatment.   I hydrated my face with the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil immediately after rinsing step 3 as a post treatment.   For my final step,  I placed a 10 % glycolic acid moisturizer that I plan to use daily for optimal benefit.  The cost of the Power Peel is $45 for the six treatments.  There is a two treatment kit available for $16.
Here’s a link for the Ole Henriksen Power Peel kit http://bit.ly/1CvS76n

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